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How do I recruit tech people?

By Crystal Hartley ·
I am new to tech recruitment. Where do you guys look for jobs, where should I post my open positions?

PS. I work for SmarttNet in Vancouver. Check out my current postings!

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Try the free sites first

by jeff.friend In reply to How do I recruit tech peo ...


In the past I found quite a few valuable employees on

Alternatively I have also had some luck posting on sites like:
and really any technology site that techies would frequent.

Hope that helps,


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A point of view

by nipchinkdog In reply to How do I recruit tech peo ...

As a web developer, i would agree with Crystal, craigslist offer the service for you to find some good stuff, also you could do used odesk or elance; quick question: are you considering outsourcing your projects? if so, so these site can really help you a lot, there are people out there that would be willing to help you with those positions you need on the link you just gave :)..good luck to you sir. :)

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