How do i relate the use of matrices to computer graphcs?

By Jotrac ·
I find it is important to relate the use of matrices to IT, for example in areas such as computer graphics where matrices can be used to project three dimensional objects onto two dimensional computer screens and in electronics where circuit components and their input/output voltages and resistance can be
represented by matrices. But i need specific examples of such use. Can some one help please?

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This PDF may be useful to you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do i relate the use o ...


Otherwise I'm not really sure what you are asking here.


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Reponse To Answer

by victor.indrajit In reply to This PDF may be useful to ...

Can I get the PDF
please send it to my email : victor.indrajit@gmail.com

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to This PDF may be useful to ...

victor: Don't post your email on the internet unless you like spam. Besides, most people here are smart enough not to send <i>their</i> email addresses to anyone they don't know. :0

Anyway, using the search function, or <i>following the explicit instructions</i> on the 404 page not good enough?

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Simple one is wire graphics

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How do i relate the use o ...

Asteroids, Star wars.
Any of the 3D charts you can do in office..
CAD software, font manipulation,
like drawing Easter round an egg, even aero in Vista.

I think you are missing the boat though, the reasoning for using matrices is matrix algebra.

We measure computing speed in floating point operations for a reason.

Just get them to work out how many flops using a matix saves, you never know they might come up with some of the cunning shortcuts the big boys use as well.

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Wire Graphics etc

by Jotrac In reply to Simple one is wire graphi ...

Many thanks, the PDF was very useful. Suggestions where matrices can be applied were brilliant! I did not get the meaning of the last sentence though. Can you help me understand what you really meant. Otherwise thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated!

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Ok take a 3d

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Wire Graphics etc

cube say a 16 x 16 x 16

Lets say you wanted to move it n points on each axis
That's 12,288 calculations without matrix algebra

With matrix algebra after you've set up the matrix which in is a one off.
it's the same.

Now lets say we wanted to move it n points in each axis rotate it n degrees in each axis no matrix algebra , it's a lot of number crunching,
with it's still 12,288...

That's the beauty of it...

Another little trick.

You need a 3x3 matrix to do 2D transformations.
So to keep with rules you have to describe each point as a 1 X 3

gives you
Always 1 on the end so don't bother calculating it, reduced you work by a third..

Use the math, don't let it use you

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