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    How do I relocate??


    by obiwaynekenobi ·

    Hello all,

    I’m in a little bit of a dilemma and need some suggestions.. I’m currently planning on relocating from Florida to Media, Pennsylvania for my bachelor’s degree. The problem I’m running into is this: How exactly do I go about securing employment where I plan to move? I mean.. I have roughly 3 years experience in IT, with support, network administration, web development with Classic ASP and ASP.NET, some programming (C#/VB.NET) and some database work (jack of all trades, you could say). I have an A+ and an MCP at the moment.

    How do I spice up my cover letter when I apply to jobs in PA so they look at it, when I’m not living there at the time and probably won’t be able to move until the end of the year or beginning of 2007 (I need to have at least enough money saved to live for a month in the event I can’t find employment)? It just seems to me like I’m shooting in the dark because what company will look at someone who isn’t even living there at the time? I can’t go for in-person interviews there; and I don’t have enough experience yet to get relocation or to be flown in for an interview (not that most companies offer that anymore). So.. what do I do? Do I wait until I could theoretically pack up and move before I apply? Or do I apply and explain (how?) that I’m going to be moving there? I’m new to this aspect of the jobhunt, and in dire need of some advice.


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      by rb_itprofessional ·

      In reply to How do I relocate??

      I have been through this exact scenario myself. Some things to consider:

      1. Look into consulting work with a local IT staffing firm. Be sure to choose a firm that has branches in the city which you are looking to relocate. Explain the situation, and ask if they can assist you in obtaining short-term assignments in your current city until you are ready to leave and ask if they can assist you in transferring to the branch office in your new city. The key here is to build solid relationships with recruiters.

      2. Given your current situation of not being available to pursue in-person interviews, you will have to be creative in obtaining your next job. I believe it is fair to say that most companies may scrutinize someone who can’t be present at an interview. This is where networking skills will come in handy. Do you know anyone in your new city? Do you know someone who knows someone in your new city? Tap into your network, explain the situation, and ask for assistance and leads on job openings.

      Good luck to you on your endeavor! I know it can be extremely stressful attempting to locate to another city. With some persistence, I am sure you will be successful!

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      Used to be a Navy wife

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to How do I relocate??

      I learned to capitalise on the employment agents. I would look hard at Kelly and Manpower- they are everywhere. Your worst case is that they may find you something that is not consonant with your skill set but at least pays the rent and is temporary.

      I also have used Monster for listings. While you are not able to interview in person, phone interviews are becoming more common. You may have to go to PA for a face to face- be ready for that.

      Good luck to you!

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      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to How do I relocate??

      Check with the college you are going to. They should be able to help.

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      can’t go for interview

      by john.a.wills ·

      In reply to How do I relocate??

      For a newbie this may not work, but two U.S. employers paid my travel expenses for interview about ten years ago, one NJ to NE, the other NJ to SC.

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