How Do I Remove Company Logo From Splash Page?

By rpalmer4msx ·
How do I remove a logo or company splash page on the start up? Is this done in the bios? If yes were do I look for it? What category? Running xp pro

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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This depends on what you are looking at

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How Do I Remove Company L ...

If you see something like a Dell Logo then it's a BIOS item that most times Can Not Be Turned Off.

If it a M'Board Makers Logo like ASUS, ABIT or the like you can disable this in BIOS by turning off the Splash Screen.

If you see some companies Name & Logo before Windows Starts then you have a Custom BIOS Chip that was especially made for that unit and isn't easy to replace but if you really need to get rid of this you can buy a new BIOS Chip without the Custom Scripting and fit it to the M'Board.

If you see some companies Name & Logo as Windows Boots Up this was put there by a System Builder who used an OPK Install and setup the Companies Logo & Name at that point in time. The only way to remove this is to reinstall the OS and all the related software.


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