How do i remove stored email from windows 10 after removing the accounts

By marvinmunsayac ·
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i have already removed the email accounts set in my windows 10, however my storage says it still has 22.2GB worth of email stored. i don't know how to delete it since the email accounts are no longer in sync, where do i find these email to be deleted? thanks in advance!
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Could these be in some cloud?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How do i remove stored em ...

Many folk can't answer that so I'm going to tell you to use your web browser access next and delete them there.

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Re: email

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How do i remove stored em ...

- What program do you mean when you say the "storage" says there's 22.2 GB and what exactly does it say?
- What e-mail program did you use to read/write thoise mails? What settings (pop3 or imap or ...)?
- What exactly did you remove?
- Do you use the email account login into Windows or the local login?

Anyway, if it's in your PC it's somewhere in your Windows profile.
Use TreeSize Free (free download from ) to find the subfolders that use more than 22 GB of disc space. These very likely contain the local copy of your mail.

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What is the program that works with Email?

by amiliaseni In reply to How do i remove stored em ...

Outlook? If outlook, I know how to remove all the related data, just ensure with me

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