How do I remove the 'Quick Access' folder from my Dell desktop/windows 10?

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The 'Quick Access' folder in my win 10 File Explorer is
full of gigabites of files that I never even use! How do I remove that folder permanently?
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Quick access

by BOB.B In reply to How do I remove the 'Quic ...
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Re: Quick access

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to How do I remove the 'Quic ...

That's not a normal folder. It's just a quick way to get into existing folders by showing a list of folders you want quick access to.

Those gigabytes of files are in other folders on your hard disk. If you delete them from there, they will disappear from quick access also.

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Disable the list history.

by 1bn0 In reply to How do I remove the 'Quic ...

File Explorer
View Tab
Options (far right) Change folder and search options

General Tab
Privacy Section
Uncheck both boxes
 Show Recently used files in Quick access
Show frequently used folders in Quick access
Clear File Explorer History - Click Clear Button.

You can also change File Explorer to open directly to to This PC instead of Quick Access with the drop down at the top of the General Tab.

I have my home computer configured this way as my file history is completely random and Quick Access never has what I want in it.

For my work computer Quick Access is useful as I usually have several things going on at the same time and I sometimes close the wrong file.
Quick Access lets me locate it "quickly"

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