How do i remove viewDrive.exe

By Ablaze7 ·
I've been trying to remove viewDrive.exe known as a virus, used command prompt to delete it. But every time its being deleted it keeps coming back.

need help

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try here

by PurpleSkys In reply to How do i remove viewDrive ...

Prevx claims to be able to remove it...what are you running for an antivirus program?

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by Ablaze7 In reply to try here

I'm running Sophos Anti-Virus (Enterprise)

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Try this

by Tyharo In reply to How do i remove viewDrive ...

Its great for getting ride of things like that.
If that doeskin work try Unlocker which you can download here

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Avast free antivirus

by Apoorv182 In reply to How do i remove viewDrive ...

Install the latest Avast free antivirus

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how to get rid of view drive.exe

by tanmaya kaanr In reply to How do i remove viewDrive ...

hey,don't get worried for this view drive.install the antivirus ' panda global protection 2012' .u will get this from internet and u may subscribe it for 30 days.then run a full scan in ur system ,the virus will be removed automatically....i found this solution's really wonderful...

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these are the simple steps to remove it!!!!!

by asif king of virus In reply to How do i remove viewDrive ...

note:it is our luck that view drive did not attack on our local disk;c (or) or the place where our xp/win7 is installed

1.if it is attacked on ur computer (or)laptop the attacked place and try to delete it directly
3.make sure that any devices like mass storage didnt be connected to ur pc
4.if it is deleted allright
5.if it still stays on your pc hard drives open task manager (or) right click on taskbar and select start task manager (or) task manager process which is rght side of applications
7.see for TASK HOST process
8.u will see two TASK HOST processes is 708K and other is 1000k above process(in win7)
10.right click on second TASK HOST process and open its file location
11.and delete it permanently
12.and close task manager and open hard drives on your pc like;D,E,F,
13.without opening view drive.exe delete it permanantly from all hard drives
14.restart your pc

it worked on my windows7 ultimate

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Reponse To Answer

by beyblade.smith In reply to these are the simple step ... did worked....!! But interestingly,in my 'processes',it was showing 3 task host...two of which were 1000K plus,but of these had a description-Host Processes.Also the remaining task host.exe was 900K plus,So can you tell which this happened and what is this Task Host..? and is this method a general way to delete viruses..?
However happily,i got the viewDrive virus Thank You for posting such an elegant way of deleting the ViewDrive virus..thanx...

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