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How do I remove Vista that has been loaded twice on the same partition?

By Crystal Hornbaker ·
Windows Vista has been loaded twice on the same partition. I need to remove the unused one. How can I do this?

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Should be about the same...

by jfuller05 In reply to How do I remove Vista tha ...

I know this information is for XP Pro, but it should be about the same for Vista. Here's what you do to keep both from coming up on the bootloader menu-after that you won't know it exists except for multiple users files if they were set up before (just go to Control Panel>Users and delete the unknown users and their files after getting needed data transferred). First reboot, and try each OS 1 at a time as sometimes one will not boot and only install files have been actually copied to the drive, it never really installed fully or was interrupted during the install (after trying both to see which one works fully, hopefully Pro does, but I'd check by going to Start>Settings>Control Panel>System and looking under the General tab>System to see what Version of XP it lists each time you boot=Professional or Home), then reboot into XP PRO if that works and it is your normal desktop and logon works, then go to;
Start>Settings>Control Panel>System>Advanced Tab>System Settings Window>StartUp and Recovery Section>Settings Button.....Now under StartUp and Recovery Window>Top Item is System Startup....click the arrow at the end of the line, you will now see 2 System Startup entries, one will be XP Professional, 1 will be XP Home...Important part is to determine which OS you wish to appear under the Startup Boot Menu and which to delete. Delete the one you wish not to keep (make sure you wish to do this action before you do and I would suggest writing it down first exactly as it appears since you could always edit it back in later into the XP Bootloader if you have the info as it appeared). As far as actually deleting the associated files, that goes way beyond your experience, unless you have a drive space issue, just leave them. If you wish to fully repair the system a professional could help just delete the non-needed files, but a full re-format and a fresh install would be best.

My solution above is to just delete the dual booting option and you won't even see the boot loader menu again. It will then boot directly to the 1 left.

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