How do I repair a nonresponsive capacitive touch screen on a tablet?

By cheaptrick ·
This tablet is one of many generics from China and not very expensive, but I'd hate to throw it away so soon after buying it. The seller's customer service is not helpful in the least and the cost of sending it back is too prohibitive. It's an Ainol Novo7 Paladin model with a seven inch screen. Should I make the effort to salvage this tablet or turn it into a decorative paperweight?

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Might be something simple

by robo_dev In reply to How do I repair a nonresp ...

If the whole digitizer does not work at all, then typically there is a flex ribbon cable that connects it to the main PCB of the unit.

In some devices the ribbon is plugged into an edge connector internally, so just unplugging/replugging it makes it work.

Knowing how cheap these devices are, they probably use conductive adhesive, and it's dried up and cracked. A little touch up soldering and/or conductive ink/glue and you may be able to fix it. Sometimes the ribbon cable itself has failed, so a dab of conductive paint 'may' fix that.

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Reponse To Answer

by cheaptrick In reply to Might be something simple

Thank you very much for your technical advice. I feel more confident my attempt at repairing this device will be successful.

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Part of the Digitizer not working?

by cruciows In reply to How do I repair a nonresp ...

Hey cheaptrick, were you able to fix it? I am actually dealing with the same issue, only it's just a part (maybe half an inch) on the left side of the screen that isn't responding to touch. Luckily, the G-sensor still makes it possible to use the device, but I end up looking like an idiot because I have to turn the tablet around all the time to click any icon displaying on the left hand side. If robo_dev or anyone else has advice as to what the problem might be, I'd sure appreciate it.

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