How do I replace the CMOS battery on a Vaio laptop

By jojocharger ·
My Sony Vaio laptop will not boot from floppy or cd. The only thing that comes on is the power light and I can't enter bios. Do you have any advice on how to replace the CMOS battery. Will I have to reload the bios afterwards?
Any advise or info where I can get instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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Which Model VAIO

by TheChas In reply to How do I replace the CMOS ...

What specific model is this Vaio laptop?

Not all notebook computers have CMOS batteries.

Also, generally speaking, the CMOS battery should have very little impact if the primary battery is charged.

Now, before we try and track down the information on if and where the CMOS battery is, a little more information please.

Does the laptop boot off of the hard drive?
Is so, does it keep time?

If both of the above are true, it is not likely that you need to replace the CMOS battery.

Are you pressing the correct key to enter BIOS setup? At the correct time?

Check your users manual to verify the correct key, and what your boot options are.


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Thanks Chas

by jojocharger In reply to Which Model VAIO

It will not boot up at all even wth the power cord attached. The Power light comes on to indicate it is recieving power, but that is it.

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It is a PCG-GRX580K

by jojocharger In reply to How do I replace the CMOS ...

reply to what kind of Vaio laptop.

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Sony FAQ

by TheChas In reply to How do I replace the CMOS ...

Here is a link to a FAQ on the Sony web site.

Looks like there is a common problem with the primary battery failing and not being able to power up the unit.

Sony parts does list a battery for this model.

At $23, I would want to be sure that the battery is bad before replacing it.

There is also a post about how to force the computer out of hybernation.

Still, I am leaning toward a hardware failure or problem rather than the CMOS battery.

How old is your main battery? Since most of these systems came with Windows 2000, I presume that you have changed the main battery at least once.

If you still are using the original main battery, I would take it to a place like Batteries Plus and have them test it for you.


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