How do I require a password for an individual to access the internet?

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I have a windows NT network and use windows 2000 on the desk top.

How can I require a user to enter a password that is diffrent to each user to access the internet?

We have teens now at our center that have to get parental permission in order to use the internet but not all parents want there child to access the internet but I need to be able to allow them access to the computers to use things like word for homework. any thoughts?

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Proxy settings via GP

by TobiF In reply to How do I require a passwo ...

Force users to log in the computers.
Use GP to lock down ability to install and run own programs and change a lot of settings in the client.
Those, who shouldn't be able to reach internet (e.g. the default profile), could have proxy settings pointing to an unused ip-address.

Or, you could force everyone to go through a proxy with some parental filter, and then force logging in to the proxy. However, the kids will quickly share the passwords with each other...

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Proxy with authentication

by robo_dev In reply to How do I require a passwo ...

The product called AllegroSurf from RhinoSoft. This is a content-filtering proxy server that can do what you are trying to do.

I have been using this at home for years. It integrates with Windows login, so you can set it up to allow/deny Internet access based on user login. Kids cannot bypass it, if you make it the gateway to the Internet, and it logs everything.

An alternative is the proxy server called "untangle"

Untangle is an open source proxy server, but I have not tried it.

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