How do I reroute my DNS from my old site to my new one.

By Briantodd1977 ·
I recently got a new website for our office. I was able to switch everything over (DNS), and am able to access the new site from everywhere except my own office. We have an internal network so I think that is where the problem is, but I don't know how to fix it. Please help!

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Correct, Internal DNS

by Dedlbug In reply to How do I reroute my DNS f ...

What kind of Server do you have? Assuming it is Windows based, you can follow these steps to get the DNS updated with the new info.

On Server, open DNS console.
Expand "Forward Lookup Zones"
Check to see if a domain for your website exists. ( If so, we need to simple edit the A record for WWW. (This would exist is your website previously worked prior to the DNS changes)
Click properties of A Record and change IP to current website IP.

IF the zone for your domain does not exist, you need to add it. Follow these steps, but note that these may be different depending on your situation. If you are the IT guy, be sure to read the options and configure according to your network:
Right-click forward lookup zone - "New zone"
Primary Zone - Next.
To all domain controllers in AD - Next.
Type the zone name ( - Next.
Allow Secure dynamic updates - Next.
Next and Finish.
Now you have to add the A Record for the websites to the zone and you are done.
Right-click - New Host A Record.

Please let us know if this helps. Also provide any server or network info if the resolution provided did not work.

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