How do I resolve Save and Open Errors in Office applications?

By landen99 ·
The short version is that whenever I try to open or save in either MS Office 2007 or Open Office on a Win7 x64 system, I get the following errors:
'C:\' is currently unavailable.
::{031E4825- ... }Documents.library-ms\ refers to a location that is unavailable.

Here is what I think may have caused it, but I don't understand any of the mechanics:
I mounted an eSata drive and found many My documents type folders from my local drive somehow appearing on this drive as well. My anti-virus appeared to also scan my local drive in those places when it was told to scan the eSata drive. 7-zip seemed to also zip the local information together with the eSata data when the forders (links?) to the local My Documents folders were also selected. They seemed to be links, so I deleted them (without holding the shift key). I can not seen any evidence of them in the Recycle Bin at this time. After unmounting the drive, I navigated to My documents, etc. on the local drive and found everything as it should be. After launching MS Office (or Open Office), I found that when I saved, the system lagged for a bit and then brought up a save dialog window with only the top and bottom portion (no contents or shortcuts shown). Clicking cancel terminates MS Office, but not Open Office. MS Office seemed to function fine with the open dialog box but Open Office did not. Clicking to navigate to other urls in the dialog box url bar produces the error messages above. What is going on and how do I fix this problem? Do I need to reconstruct the links or "junctions" or whatever they were?

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what drive letter did the esata drive get assigned?

by markp24 In reply to How do I resolve Save and ...


if you right click on my computer, choose manage, then look at disk managment, does the esata drive have a drive letter ? if so try reassignedin it to a different drive letter say m or z reboot and see if that resolves it

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Reponse To Answer

by landen99 In reply to what drive letter did the ...

The main drive (local) is drive C:
The eSata drive was drive E: but it is unmounted now. The computer has been rebooted since then, but I will reboot it again in the spirit of trying the ideas submitted here.

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to what drive letter did the ...

this is an interigueing problem, I am very curious what is occuring here. I was also thinking maybe its some sort of backup or mirroring running in the background

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by landen99 In reply to How do I resolve Save and ...

I tried many things to resolve this. My final resolution, while effectively resolving the problem, proved to be quite brutal. The resolution first: A Win 7 x64 SP1 iso was burned and run with the "Upgrade" option to resolve the following issue(s): This Win 7 x64 SP1 (8Gb RAM) was experiencing issues with saving and opening, blue screens, .NET framework errors, failure of some applications to launch or crash for no reason, and failure of sfc /scannow under Administrator command prompt to completely successfully despite half a dozen attempts with reboots and scandisk runs between.

None of the previous errors present themselves and all programs appear to run normally as before.

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BSOD persisted

by landen99 In reply to How do I resolve Save and ...

The BSOD persisted at random times. I scheduled checkdisk for my hard drives/arrays and errors were fixed. I am not seeing BSOD anymore.

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