How do I restore remote access to network was using

By 4U Computers Support ·
This has been working fine for some time. I believe there were some security updates and it stopped after this.
The server is a windows 2003. The policies dont appear to have changed?
Using remote desktop connection. The error is the computer can not connect to the remote compter. Remote desktop can not find the remote computer. try the computer name or the ip address again then try connecting....
Any info on how to restore this would be great.

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Any idea at all of which Security Update this applies to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I restore remote a ...

A Windows or some other Security Software Update?

As the newest Windows Update is about a month old how long ago did this start happening?

But no matter what you'll have to go to this computer and remove whatever it was that has stopped this working.


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Reponse To Answer

by 4U Computers Support In reply to Any idea at all of which ...

That is the thing, I discovered there were a large number of updates mostly windows and security updates but also software and hardware. I completed the windows then security updates. Haven't completed software or hardware updates yet. It was noticed that it wasn't working about a day or two after the updates. Don't know if the access stopped as a result of the updates. I would uninstall update\s if I new which update could be responsible.

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Is this computer remote or local

by G-Daddy In reply to How do I restore remote a ...

Somethings to consider regarding this issue: are you on the same LAN and can you ping the server, what about your router or firewall rules (any changes), any changes or updates to the security software on the Host and server, verify the user credentials you're using is still correct, confirm the username being used is still in the "Remote Desktop" section of the workstation, looked into the local security policy and make sure the "User Rights Assignment" the "Log On Locally" includes the user or their applicable group. Just a couple of thoughts, I hope this will point you in the right direction.

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Reponse To Answer

On a different LAN, no chages to router or firewall. Can RDP internally. Updates were made to the host server, not sure if this is why it stopped, assuming it is. I will check points here.

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You are trying to RDP into a mailserver?

by seanferd In reply to How do I restore remote a ...
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Reponse To Answer

Yes the physical server has exchange runnng.

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May DNS has problem to traslate your address

by allen_cheng75 In reply to How do I restore remote a ...

If you get a Dynamic IP address, when it changes, you will lost the traslation from the name to IP address.

My company has the issue before. We changed ISP aleady, then we have static IP.


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Tests to run

by IcebergTitanic In reply to How do I restore remote a ...

Make sure DNS is resolving to the correct address. Presumably it is, or you would have also posted that your mail suddenly stopped working. Still, just do a quick ping to your server name from outside.

It sounds like possibly some sort of external firewall issue. Most common cause of this problem is a broken NAT translation. Either the outside firewall gets a request on port 3389 (RDP) and changes it to another port when it forwards it to the internal server, or the firewall simply doesn't know what to do when it receives the port 3389 request and discards the traffic.

If you can RDP in from internal LAN, then it doesn't sound like a problem with the server or security updates applied to the server.

Can you clarify something though? Is it RDP from outside, or RDP from a different LAN, but still on the inside? (Like a different VLAN, or different building in same network?)

If it's inter-LAN connectivity, then definitely check DNS resolution. Might be that your DNS server is not resolving requests for your subnet, or that the entry for that serve has gotten botched up. Try connecting via IP instead of server name. (Also, try FQDN and not just hostname)

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