How do I retreive pictures from external hard drive?

By jjdjor ·
MY old PC worked slow so i put all of the *.jpg pictures on extrenal hard drive, about 80G worth of 12 years of family histroy.In the meantime my old PC crashed and then we bough a new one. When preparing to transfer these pictures from exteral hard drive to New PC, realized that all the pictures were gone!!!! Are they hidden? Or how can they be accidentaly erased?
And finally, any sugestions on how to retreive them?


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by jjdjor

Thanks for the promptness!
The old drive in old PC might be spinning but unknown since PC can not start (it crashed).
The external drive is well spinning and it does have two USB for extra energy, I see all files but the pictures have dissapeared from it! My old PC was Vista, My new one is Windows 7 if that matter. Many thanks in advance

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by jjdjor

Thanks! Actually, i just realized that my pictures are on External drive; by deducting total HD size minus visible folders sizes = I come with 89GB which is exactly the size of a folder My pictures!!! To confirm that, when installing undeleteplus on my external HD and when browsing where to install i have seen My picture folders!!! SO, pictures are definitively there BUT not visible in Windows 7 and any apps in W7 ! How do I get them visible? Whats the trick?
Many thanks!

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What OS on old PC versus new?

by robo_dev In reply to How do I retreive picture ...

Can you see anything at all on the old drive?

Is the old drive spinning? A common problem is that the external drive case needs more power, thus it needs a USB Y-cable or external power supply to be able to spin-up an older hard drive that needs more power.

If they were deleted or the drive was formatted, there are apps for that:

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With these USB Y Cables

by OH Smeg In reply to How do I retreive picture ...

You need to plug both of them into different USB Sockets or a Powered USB Hub, ideally you should use a external Power Supply with these cases if they support that option.

As for the pictures here I'm assuming that you had them Password Protected so you;ll need to Take Ownership of them

I would suggest using Method 2 the Manual Way to do this here. Also while this is for Vista OS it also applies to 7 as 7 is version 2 of Vista.


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The folder that these pictures are in may be hidden

by OH Smeg In reply to How do I retreive picture ...

Have you set your computer to Unhide/Show all Folders?

Of course if we knew what Security you had in place on the Vista Unit it would be easier maybe.


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