How do I rotate removable hard drives and keep the same drive letter?

By jswinberlin ·
I've set up a Windows 2003SBS to backup to a removable hard drive named X. However, when I put the alternate hard drive in, it names it the next drive letter available, even though I previously named it X. Is there a way to keep this from happening?

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Assign them a letter

by oldbaritone In reply to How do I rotate removable ...

in Computer Management. (Default is "first available" but you can specify.)

I do this with my removable USB drives. When I plug it in, I know I have the correct one because it gets the expected drive letter.

If it's the wrong letter, it's the wrong USB stick.

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Or name the drive ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Assign them a letter

That way you'll recognise them by name rather than by letter.

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same letter

by jswinberlin In reply to Or name the drive ...

Right. However, I want them both to have the same letter because my backup says right to "X" drive. But, it seems like only one of them can be "X". After rotating them the second one becomes the next available number in the sequence. The only solution I have found is not to name them and they will always be "F" in this case. Unless some other removable media is inserted while one is removed which is highly unlikely because they are only out for 30 seconds or so during the rotation.

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Well assuming that they are not both in at once

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I rotate removable ...

You Can allocate them a Drive Letter or move them to the end of the Chain.

Personally whenever I setup any computer I always move the Optical Drive/s to the last letter/s in the Alphabet and with Removable Media I just set them at the end of the HDD Chain.

So if I have 3 drives in that machine C D & E are the HDD internal and the removable is always F. Doing things that way doesn't produce any real problems till you need to add additional Drives of course but it at least works.


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by jswinberlin In reply to Well assuming that they a ...

To clarify, I want the hard drive to be X. I want to rotate it with another drive that would also be labled X. This way I could tell the backup to backup each day to X and if I rotated them once a week I would have a 14 day backup with 1 week off site.

The server only wants 1 drive to be labeled X. When I put the second drive in and label it X all is good. However when I put the other drive back in it loses the label and labels it the next sequential letter.

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This is where you are going wrong

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to clarification

You can not have 2 drives with the same Drive Designation doesn't matter if they are fitted at different times Windows Can Not have different drives with the same letter. Even if the drives are identical they will have different Firmware Numbers inside the Firmware/Drive Designation Hardware of the individual drives.

To do this you can not have the drives set to X but only to the next drive letter int he Drive Chain. So that when you remove one drive it frees that Drive letter and then when you fit the next one it takes that Drive letter. Here you need to set the wanted drive letter to the end of the Installed Drive Chain not the end of the possible Drive Chain.

I would suggest moving any Optical Drives to the End of the Drive Chain and using whichever Letter is now at the end of the installed Drive chain to do this.

If you have to stick with the Designation of X you will have to reset the Drive Letter every time you change a HDD.


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