How do I run Access as an Administrator?

By Snak ·
I am running Microsoft Office 2007 on a Windows 7 (Home Premium) machine. I use ODBC to access several MySQL databases and, as I am the only user of this machine I like to use System DSN's to make the connections.

I own this computer. I am the administrator, the big cheese. It is MY computer. But from within Access I cannot set up a system DSN because, it lies, I do not have admin privileges. Of course I have Admin privileges. I am the Administrator, and yes, I am logged in with Admin rights.

The Right-Click 'Run as Administrator' option does not exist for Access - can the TR community tell me how I can get round this? I have tried to set up File DSN's but then Access moans about architecture differences. I have used Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) to set up a system DSN but then in Access, it isn't listed as an option.

I appreciate Microsoft is probably trying to protect me from myself, but frankly I find that arrogant and extremely frustrating.

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Change the shortcut properties.

by seanferd In reply to How do I run Access as an ...

You should be able to get the Runas context menu entry if you right-click the executable file itself.

To get the same functionality from the shortcut, go to the shortcut's Properties → Advanced, and select "Run with different credentials".

Sometimes Microsoft apps have abnormal shortcuts, which have features like not having any target information because they use CLSIDs from the registry only. Bad combo for Win 7, apparently.

Although I don't understand why 7 wouldn't just give you a UAC prompt when you try to perform the desired action with Access already running. ?

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Reponse To Answer

by Snak In reply to Change the shortcut prope ...

Thank you for that. I can indeed now run Access with Administrator privileges. Now all I have to do is work out why Access will let me ODBC to one MySQL database, but not the other, despite them both being on the same web server. I have actually circumnavigated the problem though by mirroring the data on a local server connected to my network. Bit of a pain, but then, as an ms-hater of my acquaintance points out, I WILL run MS software :)

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Probably the credentials you need for the database.

by seanferd In reply to How do I run Access as an ...

They may differ between the two databases. This sort of thing is a bit beyond me, but I've researched it before with respect to specified situations. (One involved the way Access connected to databases on a hosted web server, where we knew who the hosting company was.)

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Reponse To Answer

by Snak In reply to Probably the credentials ...

Yes, they do differ (host/username/pass combo). But MyODBC drivers are identical, and both my PHP apps and Heidi SQL connect fine whereas Access wont. It was very frustrating, but it is less so now as I have a local webserver at home with the data mirrored on it and Access happily connects across my network so all is well. I can develop my SQL on that and it works when I embed that into my PHP scripts. It's less of a frustration and more of a minor annoyance now. And (as my friend points out) I use MS software so I'm used to minor annoyances :)

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Admin rights

by kennethabrewer In reply to How do I run Access as an ...

right click and run as administrator, this is a security tag built into win 7. if you have a admin password it will prompt just type it in and continue. I hope this helped.

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