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How do i secure my hotmail id from hacking ??

By sara_suri_92 ·
okay , so i know this guy may want to hack my id .
i mean he will basicalli change my password . so what should i do..!

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Change your password now to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do i secure my hotmai ...

at the very least a 25 digit alpha numeric string then use a program called Robo Form to remember the password and this is very important Don't hand out your Password to anyone. No password available means no stealing the account and with something so complicated they will be caught trying to hack the account long before that can manage to break the password.

Of course it goes without saying that no one can have access to your computer either but with Robo Form you can password protect the different Passwords that you are hiding. So if they break in they will have limited time to break the initial password and even if they manage to achieve this they will save any changes in Robo Form when they change your passwords so all you need do is go straight back in and change the passwords again to what you want.

You can find the Trial Version of Robo Form here


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Clean the computer

by efs710920mex In reply to How do i secure my hotmai ...

Remove temporary files, cookies and the like from the computer. Then change the password to something complicated (at least 8 characters (preferably 16) combining capitals, numbers and not a dictionary word. Beware that if someone is trying to steal your mail account, the easyest way is to social-engineer you (which means luring you into writing your username and password in some web form or email).

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How do i secure my hotmail id from hacking ??

by shakti.rai In reply to How do i secure my hotmai ...

There is no other way out of securing you password other than this:

You should increase the length and complexity of your Hotmail ID.
You can do this by using a password like:--
(combination of -One Capital letter, One small letter one numeric value and one special character).
In this way you can protect you password from intruders and lessesn the chance to hack.

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