how do I see hardware lock connect on other PC on my LAN?

Hi, I have a parallel port hardware lock to run a software. We will change our PCs to a new ones that hasn't parallel port... I can connect the hardware lock in other PC that has a parallel port on my LAN... the question is how can I see this hardware lock... how can I redirect communication between my new PC to thae parallel port of this other PC? I tried using adaptor paralel-USB port but it doesn't work... I have no money to expend on a USB hardware lock... thanks.

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A Dongle? Is that what you mean?

by Kenone In reply to how do I see hardware loc ...

If so then I don't think you can do that usually the dongle not only has to be local but it even has to be on LPT1.
Buy a parallel port card, that would be the cheapest.

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