How do I select a good I.T. Director

By waltjr50 ·
I need an I.T. Director who will be over all areas (Data, Telcom, computers and software), What is the best way to select someone who will do well in all areas and be responsive to management. Also, what should be the starting salary. Suggestions?

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That's one **** of a good question.

by santeewelding In reply to How do I select a good I. ...

A reason, theoretical and practical, that I haunt this place.

Only the part about, "responsive to management", has me bothered. You left out the part about management being responsive to the Director.

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I've heard that if you put out a job vacancy...

by NexS In reply to How do I select a good I. ...

I've heard that if you put out a job vacancy stating the job description, then you'll more than likely get many applications. Then a rigorous selection process shortlists the applicant's down the the best fitting persons...

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Too many variables

by mafergus In reply to How do I select a good I. ...

A lot starts depending on the size of your company. A basic question is, "why do you think you need a director now?" That answer will tell you a lot about what you need. Are you doing it because of lack of organization? Lack of visibilty?

Being responsive implies a certain level of accountability and timeliness, but it all comes down to your expectations. No candidate will fit untill you can answer that question. Some firms have brought in consultants to get a feel for what the want from that position.

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