How do I set print dialog print range to default to Pages From:1 To:1?

By charlie.rosenberg ·
All day long I print Excel 2007 spreadsheets that have hundreds of pages.

I always only need to print the first page of these spreadsheets.

Each time I print, I need to change the "Print range" in the print dialog from "All" to only print from page 1 to page 1.

Is there a way I can set "from page 1 to page 1" as the default? Making changes to the registry would be acceptable. OS is XP SP3.

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Make a VBA Macro to invoke the print function

by robo_dev In reply to How do I set print dialog ...

Sub PrintPages()
Dim f, t As Integer

f = InputBox("Select start page 1 to 10", "Print From")
t = InputBox("Select end page " & f & " to 10", "Print To")

If MsgBox("Do you wish to print pages " & f & " to " & t, vbYesNo, "Confirm print") = vbYes Then
ThisWorkbook.PrintOut f, t
End If

End Sub

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