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how do i set up a printer share network?

By danrulz98 ·
I have two computers on a wireless network. my desktop( wiered conection) is running XP home sp2 with 320 mb of ram and has a brother dcp-110 printer
pluged into it that i enabled shareing on. my laptop
(wireless, and running XP pro with 512mb of ram) cant find the printer. i tryed useing a program that was suposed to help but it didn't. dose it matter that the printer is pluged into a usb hub?
thanks for the help.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how do i set up a printer ...

In answer to your question does it matter if the printer is plugged into a USB hub the answer is NO

Now some printers Can Notbe shared over a network and as I don't know your model Brother I'm not sure what the position is with it.

But to get a Share going you'll need to run the Network Setup Wizard on your Desktop with the printer connected and enable File & Printer Sharing and Pay close attention the the Workgroup Name, when the Wizard finishes select the Close Now option. You may need to reboot the system it really depends on what going on. Once you have the master computer running open the Printer Window and right click on the Brother Printer and scroll down to the Sharing option and left click on this. A new window will be opened where you need to click on the box to share the printer and it should auto name it as Brother something then Apply the setting and close down.

Now open your NB and start it up and run the Network Setup Wizard on it and enable the File & Printer Sharing option and make sure that the Workgroup name is the same as the one on your desktop then when the Wizard is finished close it down and reboot if requested. Then open the Printer Window and click on Add Printer at the next pox chose Network Printer and then Browse if the Brother Printer is sharable it should appear on the list of Printers connected to another computer on the same Workgroup then all you need do is left click on the Brother Printer and accept the question telling you that some software is about to be installed and just follow through.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If you can not see your other computer and both are on the Same Workgroup then you will have to have a play with your WiFi access point and change settings to allow it to talk to other computer/s on that LAN there could be some Security Settings enabled by default that are preventing this from happening. But once you can see the Desktop Computer you should be able to load the printer drivers and print from your NB to the printer though the connection may be slower than a wired connection.

If you can still not see the printer in the Add Printer Window you'll need to read the Destruction Manual that came with the printer to see if you can share it across a network. Quite a lot of the lower end printers do not have this option and some even are deliberately disabled by their makers from this option.

Lets know if you have any problems.


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by G... In reply to how do i set up a printer ...

Yes you'll probably have to do all this but the explorer acts really weird sometimes and you're not able to "see" the other computers anyway... but there may be an easy solution to "find" the printer. When the workgroup is set and the sharing is on try \\<nameOfTheDesktop> in explorer and the printer should show up.
If you cannot connect because "the name couldn't be resolved" or anything of that kind try: \\ with the private IP of the desktop. If you cannot connect then there's probably a firewall or the configuration of the AP that doesn't allow it.

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by Nilt In reply to how do i set up a printer ...

The most common problem with sharing is permissions related, especially with XP Home. The easiest way to resolve that is to create a user account on the XP Home PC (host or server) with the same user name and password as is used on the XP Pro machine (client). If that doesn't help, you probably do have a firewall in the way.

I do have a PDF I can send you if you PM me that explains the sharing a bit more in depth; it's 2 pages but it should get ya running. I should probably upload the PDF to my website but I fear for the potential bandwidth hit as this is one of the most common support issues online. :-D

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by lassy In reply to how do i set up a printer ...

i had the same problem, couldn't share files and printer... problem was .. i was using the neighbors internet connection ...that's why i couldn't see computer #1 and unable to share files and printer.
the (pro wireless) icon's signal was excellent in the taskbar... just like full bars in a cell phone...but that's not the case.. you have to use your own internet connection from your router.

to find out if you are using your own connection...
go to "my network"
(1)view network connections" (on left side of "my network" window)
(2) right-click "wireless network connection" and click "status
(3)click "view wireless network"

it will show lists of network.. .make sure that "your connection" is in the list... my connection is my username or name... if your connection is not there... you have to call your router's (ie. linksys) techsupport and they will guide you to set that up for you.

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