How do I set up a VPN Server on a PC running Windows XP Pro?

By jbwaclawski ·
What I'm using this VPN for is really, actually not the most advanced and productive use of a VPN. I'm looking for a way to connect two LAN workgroups together over the internet. I will use this for a mixture of filesharing and gaming.

So what I need to know is how one can set up this VPN and allow other users to log in and virtually be part of my network via their home networks.

Thank You!

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you have two modes of VPN you can use transport mode and tunnel mode.

transport mode is used if you were connecting to a remote location and accessing sensitve infomation such as financial data, or you were replicating data such as Active directory.

tunnel mode is setup between two network gateways i.e. router to router. this means that the only traffic that will be encrypted by IPSEC will be WAN traffic between the two networks.

where as if you were using transport mode everything entering and leaving the NIC's are encrypted, which is a very large unneaded overhead.

what you will want to do is to make sure that each LAN router has support for IPSEC and configure the VPN from there.

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by twilliams2 In reply to How do I set up a VPN Ser ...

If you want it real simple, just download and install Hamachi by LogMeIn. You can get it I use it for filesharing between my Home Network, My Cousins Home Network and from work as well. I'm even able to stream itunes through it. It's a real simple setup and hasnt given me any problems yet. It might be a route to consider.

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by syst3m.admin1strator In reply to Hamachi

one other thing if you a going to be doing a lot of gaming between networks you will not want to use a VPN, the extra amount of bandwidth taken up by the VPN is a unnecessary especially because there is no reason to encrypt gamming traffic.

i would also be iffy about setting one up if you dont have any specific sensitive data that would need to be encrypted, again because of the overhead.

if you want encryption on files and not on gamming just install a SSH server, that will give you encryption for file sharing and allow for unencrypted gamming traffic.

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SSH Server

by jbwaclawski In reply to VPN

Can I set up this SSH Server via Windows Server 2003? I've pieced together another computer (1.8ghz proc; 512ram) I'm going to toy around with these server capabilities on tomorrow.

Also, I've never used Windows Server before. Is it it's own OS or do I have to install XP first?

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by syst3m.admin1strator In reply to SSH Server

server 2003 is a dedicated server operating system, you dont install XP. you can set a SSH server on w2k3 but, if you are going to be configuring server 2k3 and want to toy with its capabilities then you may as well use its built in features.

windows server 2003 contains a feature called terminal services this allows a user to access applications and data stored on a remote machine, terminal services also supports different levels of encryption.

if you would rather just setup a SSH server you can download a client/server program from the internet. this link contains some info and links to some programs.

either way you go about setting up remote access, you need to relise that you will have to setup port fowarding on both of your routers.

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by jbwaclawski In reply to W2K3

Turns out getting that PC together was a bit more of a debacle than I thought. I was repairing a family member's poorly cared for computer (it was going to be the WS2k3 system) and the 512 ram stick stopped working on me. Even worse is that I recently built a computer for my sister that pretty much used the last of my good spare ram.

Question now is will WS2k3 run on these specs:

>>1.4gHz processor
>>256mb ram

As for the computer I'm getting it by the end of the week and can't wait to start playing with Windows Server. Been so bored with XP lately...

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System Specs

by syst3m.admin1strator In reply to WS2k3

Yes for what you are using W2K3 for this is fine. here is a list of specs supplied by microsoft.

personally id try to get at least another 256MB ram chip.

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