How do I set up Outlook Web Access on Netgear SSL312 VPN

By jasonemmg ·
I have a Netgear SSL312 VPN on my network. I want to set up access to Outlook Web Access for Exchange Server 2003.

Port 443 is being used for a custom service on my firewall.

Where can I find specific instructions on how to create a "bookmark" or other method of setting this up?

Thank you in advance for assistance.


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What resources can you access?

by Dedlbug In reply to How do I set up Outlook W ...

Can you access any resources on the server? Can you resolve IP's or NetBios names through the SSL VPN? What if you remove HTTP or HTTPS from the OWA URL. (//servername/exchange)

I am not too familar with this particular product, but am with other Netgear enterprise products. I would suggest to consult with Netgear if possible. Your product will have to be registered first for the enterprise support.

You can also check these FAQ's:

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by jasonemmg In reply to What resources can you ac ...

Once I log into the VPN tunnel I can access the server and other PC's within office via RDP. I have bookmarks set up for Telnet and FTP for my network.

I tried opening IE or Firefox and doing as I do when at work, //servername/exchange with and without http/https,etc..

I'll work on it another few days then maybe I'll contact Netgear.


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Hope you get it.

by Dedlbug In reply to Re:

Do you currently have access to OWA without the SSL VPN internally or externally? Is OWA set to require SSL encryption? Maybe you can change the default web site port in IIS from 443 to something else. Plus, in the SSL312, there should be a port forwarding or application port forwarding section. You can assign the server path and new TCP port.

I guess I am thinking, get OWA to work properly without the SSL VPN connection first.

Again, I may not be much help here. Good luck.

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by jasonemmg In reply to Hope you get it.

Yes. OWA does work internally using both IE and Firefox via //server/exchange.

I use 443 for the SSLVPN box, have to check on the encryption. Guess I'll have to change the port as you mentioned above for the OWA.


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you can use 8443

by CG IT In reply to re:

just change it in IIS.

you could get a URL for OWA eg. www.OWA.domain just add in host records in the authoritative name server for the domain name.

then use host headers in IIS for the OWA site puting in OWA.domain and specify port 8443.

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Think I got it

by jasonemmg In reply to you can use 8443

I was able to log into OWA.

I connected to the VPN Tunnel then open my browser to https://server_ip/exchange.

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yeah but... that's local network

by CG IT In reply to Think I got it

the VPN connection provides a local network address which then makes your remote computer as if on the local network. All remote access users will have to VPN in. So you'll need RRAS running.

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