How do I set up Server 03 to route between two NIC's

By Rickjbos ·
A breif overview of my home server lab topology.

1. Wireless Router (DHCP Enabled)

2. Server 2003 VPN Box (2 NIC's)
NIC1 IP: (Ethernet to router)
NIC2 IP: (Ethernet to switch)

3. 5 Port switch conected to 3 other servers which belong to the Network. Servers behind VPN include (DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, File, IIS, AD Cert, Exchange)

The VPN server is set as DMZ and has no issues with WAN connection with only NIC1 active. Once I promote RRAS (VPN + NAT) and/or Enable NIC2 I drop connection to outside world. When I set up RRAS I select NIC1 as connection for internet (This may be my problem).

My guess at how this works is NIC2 becomes router for the network. I assume I need a default route for this network that points to NIC1. How does that route if NIC1 is on a different network? I also assume that the router needs a static route inwards towards the network. Am I even close? Can anyone throw me a few pointers? Any help is of course much appreciated :)

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Server 03 Routing

by Nimmo In reply to How do I set up Server 03 ...

Here is a basic write up on how to enable RRAS

Once this is setup you can either setup static routes or use a routing protocol like RIP.

Here is a document on RIP over RRAS it's for server 2000 but it's basically if not the same for 2003.

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Thanks for the help, problem solved

by Rickjbos In reply to Server 03 Routing

It turns out that if you have 2 NIC's on a seperate network both need to be set up to route. I enabled both as routers and enabled RIPv2 on each including my router and everything works flawlessly. thanks again Nimmo :)

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