how do i set up the exchange server to view all email

By mustachemike ·
our owner wants to see all emails going out and coming in to our office. is there a way that he can login to the server and see everyones profile email?

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Not sure but..

by patb071 In reply to how do i set up the excha ...

you may want to speak to a lawyer first. There maybe some privacy laws. i know its work e-mail but i have heard of law suits.

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by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Not sure but..

You could land yourself in a heap of trouble!

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eh... I dont know....

by ---TK--- In reply to Not sure but..

That's a fine line... But if he owns the company I don't see it being illegal... I would probably tell him to get a life, and it can't be done with out the user knowing that someone is sniffing through their email.

If it could be done, I wouldn't tell how or where to find the documentation on how to... Not trying to be an A**hole, but I think its BS that your boss is asking you to do this.

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What version of exchange?

by Churdoo In reply to how do i set up the excha ...

Privacy and compliance notwithstanding, (though I think in the States in general legality sides with the company as they own the resources and pay the employees for their time,) you can do this in exchange by setting up "journaling" or "archiving."

One common method is to create a public folder to hold the journaled emails and give only the owner any permission to this public folder. Once the folder is properly permissioned, in Exchange 2003 for example, you go to the mailbox store properties in ESM and turn on "Archive all messages..." on the General tab, and direct it to the public folder.

Of course you will need to be sure that you have the capacity to hold the archives and will have to monitor capacity of the stores.

For your version of exchange and step by step instructions, query, a great MS Exchange resource, for articles related to "archiving" or "journaling"

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journaling makes exchange take a hit on performance

by CG IT In reply to What version of exchange?

If your Exchange server isn't very big on processor and memory power, I'd take Churdoo's archiving suggestion.

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Forward email

by ctmoore1998 In reply to how do i set up the excha ...

The easy way would be to set up a forward email on all the accounts to forward a copy of the emails to the boss' account. You should check with legal department before doing this. You may want to look at the paragon software, or similar monitoring/archiving SW. Either way you will probably have to have users sign a pc/email usage policy agreement.

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