How Do I set up this network?

By wm.m.thompson ·
I have never set up a network before. But now I find I have to for the first time.

My Cam and my Printer are both unusable with Vista. But I have an idea for a solution. I put my old computer on a network. I know that this is hwo they use printers at work. I assume I can do the same at home. Can I do the same sort of thing with my cam?

For the printer, here are my results from the printer's manufacturer:

( )

I am sure I can set up the printer via a network but I do not know how to go about doing this. How does one set up a network?

For the cam, here my results from looking for answers from the cam's manufacturer

(,en )

I found a program that allows me to use the cam over a network. This is way cool.

Now the first thing to do is to set up a network. The Vista Online Help had a lot of information I did not need because already I have two machines connected to the internet by way of a router. It seems difficult to go through this information and know what I do need to do and what I do not need to do. So here I am. I have found out what the IP address is for the two machines and they are both connected to the same internet connection by way of a router. Now what? How do I make them see each other?

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The short answer...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How Do I set up this netw ...

If I understand you correctly, you are asking this "what you perceive to be a" simple question because you do not desire to purchase equipment designed to work with your current Operating System? A word to the wise would be for you to bite the bullet and spend $100.00 to update your printer and webcam to Vista-ready devices.

An additional tip would be to refrain from such broad questions on open forums. Though TR has a very polite membership, (for the most part) the vast majority of forums on the Internet would not be so nice for anyone posting such a question. Not being mean or a smart_ss here, just trying to save you some future embarassment.

Think about it seriously. Your question is very much akin to one walking into a room full of scientists and asking them to take their collective time to explain to you how to go about building a functional rocket even though you haven't completed the first course in Physics or other advanced mathematics.

To be sure, lest you mistake my position here, this is NOT rocket science. That said however, there is a great deal more to it than you seem to think.

The fundamental information necessary to formulate a reasonable answer to your request, and their absence from your post, clearly indicate that you would not understand the answer anyway.

Try to be a bit more specific and provide necessary details.

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What, exactly, are you trying to do?

by richie3po In reply to How Do I set up this netw ...

After reading BillyParsons' reply to your post, I would agree, buy compatible hardware and bypass a lot of work.

In the interest of pointing you in the right direction at least, let me continue. I would assume that what you are talking about with regard to the work computer is attaching your web cam and printer to the old PC, and having Vista PC and old networked together, and you want to be able to see what the web cam sees on your Vista PC? (Perhaps you're keeping an eye on another room in your house?)

From your network and sharing center on the Vista client, are you able to see all devices connected to the network? What about reversely from the older PC? Is the older PC running XP? Can you see things on the network from this (XP) client?

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