how do I setup a multi default gateway accessing at a time in windows 2003?

By chandyjp ·
I recently added two different networks in 2 Nic's inwhich one NIC onbaord itself and other one is external and also config following routing command.
C>route add -P mask 97.x.x.x metric 1
C>route add -P mask 10.x.x.x metric 1
Both are working initially thereafter 97.x.x.x is not working and no one can access this gateway, then I remove the 10.x.x.x gateway from LAN setting those route is working but this one cannot be accessed at this movementeven though I added the metric value in LAN settings. At a time only one gateway is accessing. Thanks in advance.

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you don't

by CG IT In reply to how do I setup a multi de ...

Windows server isn't a router unless you enable Routing and Remote Access. In which case, you always have 1 default gatetway out.

for failover of the WAN link, you have a failover device [router] that takes over if the primary WAN link goes down. That router's routing table and routing protocols would have the alternate gateway out, thus packets not destined for the local network would go out that interface.

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Reponse To Answer

by MichelSimon In reply to you don't

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cant at a time

by vishak89 In reply to how do I setup a multi de ...

in this scenario you have to your a device called router and you can connect both ISPs to that device and if the primary link goes down it will automatically route to the secondary link with the help of routing protocols... this is the professional way..

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