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How do I Share ISDN over a wireless netw

By gm ·
I currently have wired network consisting of 3 desktops and 2 laptops. They all share an internet connection via ISDN.

I am thinking about changing over to a wireless network but will I still be able to share the ISDN internet connection?

If so how would I do this. I dont mind if the ISDN connction has to go directly to one computer on the network, the important thing is that everyone will have internet access over the ISDN


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by dplewis In reply to How do I Share ISDN over ...

Assuming that your current ISDN router uses ethernet to connet to your clients, it's simple; connect a WLAN Access Point up to your hub/switch, set up your PCs with their client adapters and, assuming that you have the right coverage, the Wireless provides a Layer-2 connection (i.e. think about it being like a wire with a bridge attached. You'll need to decide on which WLAN standard you want to use, between 802.11b and g (2.4 GHz) and 802.11a. b is the most mature but runs at 11Mb/S max. g and a will both go up to 54 Mb/S but over reduced distances.

Remember to secure the wireless appropriately (i.e. 128bit WEP as the barest minimum!)

Good luck,

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by gm In reply to

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by wlbowers In reply to How do I Share ISDN over ...

SMC has a router hub that has an rs232 connection that will control any external modem.

C7004ABR - Barricade

I used it on isdn for years before I could get dsl.

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by gm In reply to

Thanks for the help

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by gm In reply to How do I Share ISDN over ...

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