How do I solve d problem of password on my laptop hp omnibook 6000 when poward on asking 4 password b4 booting

By Abiodu ·
I did not pasword my laptop but its asking 4 it b4 it can continue booting

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maybe somebody playing a prank on u

by Snuffy09 In reply to How do I solve d problem ...

somebody may have set a password from your bios?

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by ken.goddard In reply to maybe somebody playing a ...

First step is to try manufacture back door passwords:

Electrical or static related issues:

At times, and without any obvious reason, static discharges as well as other electrical problems can cause the PROM on the motherboard to reset the Bios (CMOS) to its default values and even cause the default Bios password to be set. These are some of the default Bios passwords used with different Bios's, give them a try first.

AMI_SW (case sensitive)

NOTE: With respect to the Award BIOS, the "AWARD_SW" (use without quotes) and (is is case sensitive) password should even override a set password! If not, you may also want try j262 as the password.

Second Attempt If The Above Doesn't Work

If you have tried the passwords listed above and none have worked, then there are a few more options to try. You can attempt to erase the Bios/CMOS settings and have the Bios return to its default settings or you can use use a Bios/CMOS password utility (password crack) to try and erase or reset the password.

Most motherboards manufactured over the last decade or more use a battery to sustain the dynamic Bios/CMOS settings for the motherboards PROM chip. These dynamic settings are those manually set by either the computers manufacturer or you, the user. There are two ways to erase these dynamic settings, by either resetting a jumper on the motherboard itself (referred to as a "clear CMOS" jumper), or by physically remove the power from the computer (disconnecting the power plug) and then removing a battery (used to maintain power to the PROM chip that contains the Bios/CMOS information) from the motherboard.

Motherboard Jumpers:

Some, but not all, motherboard manufacturers provide a set of three jumpers on their motherboards that provide you with the ability to clear the Bios/CMOS settings, thereby allowing them to be reset.

Final Try:

Password Removal Tools:

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it's a laptop

by Russell Gates In reply to RE: BOOT PASSWORD

I'm sorry to say on a laptop the EPROM is hard burned and not resetable without great expense and risk of a nonbooting laptop.
For a CMOS reset program to work you have to get to a bootable stage. The laptop will not get past the PW stage therefore a reset program won't work. It's a real catch 22 but if someone has actually had success and is not speaking from a google standpoint then please inform me. I'd like to know how.
I've only had success with a Dell for a client. I called Dell and gave them the code the laptop generated. Of course I knew all the intimate details of my clients info for his business. So i pretended to be him!
Has a hard drive password set to. WOW!

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you could always

by .Martin. In reply to How do I solve d problem ...

take it to HP, and get them to fix it, after you prove ownership

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