How do I speed shutdown of Windows7?

By pernst322 ·
My Windows7 Professional 64bit takes extremely long to shut down. When I was using XP there were several tweaks to speed that up.Are there some tweaks to do the same on W7?

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How do I speed shutdown of Windows7?

by isenberg In reply to How do I speed shutdown o ...

i don't know the answer. but I do know that if you install any O&O software you will wait until **** freezes over before the PC shuts down. Be warned. O&O won't hurt you, but 8 minute shutdowns get very tiresome.

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you can try this

by markp24 In reply to How do I speed shutdown o ...

Turn off un needed services and see if you have unneeded background apps running. (also check the hard drive for bad secotrs by doing a disk check)

also try using Ccleaner to clean up files and Defraggler to drfrag the drive after.

You can also check to see if windows is set to clear the swap file before shutdown, if so it s good security but will slow down the shutdown.

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what are

by PurpleSkys In reply to How do I speed shutdown o ...

the computer Specs ie: harddrive space, ram, processor?

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Eventlog and HDD

by RaymondJM4 In reply to How do I speed shutdown o ...

Take the true IT approach, and check your EVENT LOG. Windows has a default timeout of 20 seconds on waiting for programs to close before forcing them.

Any program Windows forces to close will be in the event log. Once you find this program. Either close it manually before shutting down; don???t automatically run the program - just run it when you really need it; uninstall the program; or go to its support site and look for a fix/update.

If there is nothing in the event log, check the hard drive indicator on the computer during shutdown. If it is showing steady activity, then you need to replace your hard drive. Trust me- I???ve been doing this for a while and although you may not find error on the drive, it???s having problems. You can try running a defrag program, but in my experience, I???ve not found fragmentation to be the case with extremely slow shutdowns.

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Win 7 shutdown

by njcsamuels In reply to How do I speed shutdown o ...

search the internet for

Speed Up Windows 7 ShutDown Time has a registry hack

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Load a linux distro and virtualize Windows

by sysxadmin In reply to How do I speed shutdown o ...

I do NOT run a Windows desktop, I run a Linux distro of choice then create a VM for Windows and/or a vm in the DC setup.

Why endure the pain and agony of a virus/insecure OS when you do not have to.

With VM's it gives 100 times the flexibility than a welded in bloated OS.

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