How do I stop a warning dialog box from showing up?

By ithelp ·
I have a file with pdf files in it. It is as agenda with links to the other files in the folder. When I click on a link I get a security warning dialog box stating " The document is trying to connect to " the cd drive and file name". If you trust the site, choose Allow. If you do not trust the site, choose block." I need to prevent the warning box from showing up.

I have tried this on a machine running xp pro sp3, ie8, and adobe reader 9.2 and a machine running sp2, ie6 and reader 9.2 with the same result.

Help I have a board meeting in less than 24 hours!!!

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What is...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How do I stop a warning d ...

What is generating the security box? Adobe? Windows? Firewall?

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re: What is...

by ithelp In reply to What is...
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by ---TK--- In reply to How do I stop a warning d ...

For now you could try... I am not sure if this would work or not... its a shot in the dark...

Right click IE icon in the start menu > Internet properties > Security tab > Custom level > choose "Launching applications and unsafe files" choose "Enable". If you still get the prompt after enabling this, go back and set it to "prompt"

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RE: Well...

by ithelp In reply to well...

Thanks but it didn't work

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well i would

by RookieTech In reply to RE: Well...

try going into your services and look for warning boxes and turn it off

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by cmiller5400 In reply to well i would

Where the heck is "warning boxes" in Services?

Do you mean Options in Adobe? There isn't a service that controls just warning boxes.

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i was thinking

by RookieTech In reply to ????????

more the lines of alerts i guess lol

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Rather than trying to stop them from showing up ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do I stop a warning d ...

It might be more prudent to prevent the NEED for them to show up.

I'll openly admit right now - I dislike Adobe intensely so I'm far from an expert on it, but since this is YOUR .PDF file, perhaps you can design it differently as far as the 'Links' are concerned?

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