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    How do I stop apps from tracking my info?


    by teamperception ·

    I know its almost inevitable that apps track us, but does anyone have any good advice on how to minimize the amount of information they take from us? With a lot of sensitive information on our phones like mobile banking apps, how do we avoid data theft on our phones? Any good applications?

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      Most applications….

      by birdmantd ·

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      Have a setting to prevent information from being shared.

      Depending on your phone, there may be a menu to set that option in the phone settings. If you can’t find such a setting, either ask the author about the option, or dump the application and use one that does allow you to select whether or not you want to share information.

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      Tell me about this banking app.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Why I ask is the bank app I use does not store much data on the phone. Why is very simple. If they did, then if you lost your phone then that data is there.

      So the app I know about does not store such data on the phone but asks for it from the bank’s servers when needed. When the app ends, the data is gone from the phone.

      -> What’s more of a danger is TWO FACTOR authentication. Let’s say you use your phone for that. You lose your phone and neglected to lock your phone as many do. They get your phone and do the usual password reset on say GMAIL with TFA. It may be nearly impossible to reclaim that email address.

      Fix? Don’t use a phone for such things. Don’t gmail or such. Then you’re much safer. Yes I use a laptop but when I leave I put it in a safe if I’m gone for more than a hour. It’s also password protected for what good that is today.

      -> Other thoughts. REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE. Remove apps that you can, don’t Facebook and such on the phone or PC because data is mined there.

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      Reply To: How do I stop apps from tracking my info?

      by Johnharper2020 ·

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      On your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to change your overall tracking preference:

      • Tap Settings, navigate down to Privacy and tap Location Services.

      • If the first slider is turned on, it means that apps can track you.

      • Slide it off if you universally want to deny your device from using Location Services.

      The list of apps displayed under Location Services has access to your location and how frequently it is used. Tap on a specific app if you want to change the settings. You can choose Never, Ask Next Time, While Using the App, or Always.

      To take advantage of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, change its settings by tapping Settings, tapping Privacy, selecting Tracking, and toggling the Allow Apps to Request to Track off.

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