How do I stop background downloads ?

By RBrown72002 ·
I have a brand-new Compaq laptop. Straight out of the box, my internet connection comes alive and starts downloading stuff. I shut off Windows Update, I found that Slingbox downloaded 65 megabytes of mystery stuff (I don't have a slingbox and didn't know the software was on my new machine until I uninstalled it).

Java has downloaded 6.5 megabytes of upgrades twice without asking me.

There is some sort of Hewlett-packard upgrades and dagnostics that does downloads and "checks" that I can't turn off.

I don't want to disable this stuff permanently, I just want to choose when it happens.

How do I find out what is accessing my internet connection and what it is downloading, and from where ?

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Easy answer is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I stop background ...

Do not connect to a active Net Connection as this is how the thing is supposed to work.

When HP Imaged this system they didn't apply any newly released Patches for all of the installed Software so to maintain your security sort of they set their systems and accomping software to Auto Update as soon as an active Net connection is found.

The easy way here is to just Update the system to the fully patched state so this is not required.

If you don't want to do that you'll need to go into every program and disable the Auto Update option. Also remember that M$ Office likes to call Home and talk to Mommy quite often so ifyou have that suite of applications you'll need to disable it there as well. Though I personally don't think that it's possible to stop Office calling home.


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Stopping background downloads

by KaryPace In reply to How do I stop background ...

Type services.msc into the run box on the start menu of a Windows System.

Then stop the 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service.'

This should stop all programs from being able to update.

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No kidding. They are called "updates".

by seanferd In reply to How do I stop background ...

Would you rather be using a system full of unpatched but known vulnerabilities?

Step 1 - uninstall the stuff like Slingbox that you aren't going to use.

Step 2 - let everything else update successfully once. You wanna cruise the 'net with patches not applied? Next thing you'll be asking is, "How do I get rid of malware x?

Step 3 - Go to each program and set it's update configuration to ask you when you want updates installed.

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