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    How do I stop helpdesk burning out?


    by itbutterfly ·

    I work for a large company. Our current helpdesk is far from running at it’s best potential. We are looking at ways of improving the working environment, employee moral and lessening burnout, thereby, improving customer support. I am looking for information on what makes your helpdesk and it’s employees work well.

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      by jimbb ·

      In reply to How do I stop helpdesk burning out?

      Typically you’ll get the same problems day in day out. And most likely the same “less polite” customers staying less polite whatever you do. In other words, after about 2 years (on average) your people have seen it all, and want to get out of there.

      Try building in some variation. Have them document recurring problems on a website with search engine, have them figure out (via statistics) which are the really recurring events, and which only *seem* to come back all the time. Let them findout if the underlying problem (bad communication between teams, insufficient user training, buggy software, whatever) can be identified and fixed. You’ll see that these small projects are often felt as some kind of a “vacation” from daily boring things.

      Don’t forget that they need credits. If John figured out that there is a general problem with the way product x is installed, make sure John is mentioned, and that John knows he is. Because these people know in advance that the work they do is very repetitive, and they live on the small sunrays like that.

      And about those sunrays, make sure they get proper communication training. There is nothing as rewarding as managing to cool a furious user down, certainly if they cannot offer areal solution.

      And to deal with offering solutions: constant training. That doesn’t have to be external or so, but an on-the-spot training when a new product is going to be introduced is more than welcome. Oh, and when that new implementation will be there, ask their input. They know far better how people work than most application owners.

      In short, make them feel part of the IT department. Usually the helpdesk is just there as a wall in front of IT, to shield the others off.


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