How do i stop outlook exchange deleting e-mails randomly!?

By jillybean33 ·
My outlook exchange [server?] appears to be randomly deleting two or three e-mails per day!
I have set up an automatic copy/forward of all e-mails received by outlook exchange so that they all appear on my googlemail account. so I can see e-mails on there that have been forwarded from my outlook exchange server but they are nowhere to be found on my desktop outlook or on my blackberry.
Has anyone else had a similar problem and/or can anyone suggest a solution please!?

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Outlook Exchange Censoring your e-mail....

by Persepone In reply to How do i stop outlook exc ...

I find that Microsoft makes peculiar decisions about what might be junk mail (including just about everything from Tech Republic). Obviously it knows my friends and relatives better than I do. It thinks most of my family's e-mails are junk! It does not like my friends' e-mails either. You can tell it something is not junk, but it doesn't believe your for very long...
Do NOT set Exchange to delete junk mail automatically as that is probably where your missing e-mail has gone.
Alas, I think the solution is to use some other program... This is brand new--but after less than a week, I'm considering abandoning it. The annoyance factor is very high. Sigh.

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A couple of things to check

by AV . In reply to How do i stop outlook exc ...

Maybe the emails ended up in the badmail or drop folder. The folders are located at drive letter:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot.

I'm not sure what kind of spam filter you have, but that could be suspect. Check out the log files. Virus software too. Are you using Exchange IMF or junk mail folders?

Maybe the random emails were large in size or had attachments the virus software quarantined.

I've had similar things happen with Exchange on random emails and most of the time I found my answer in the badmail, spam or virus software. Sometimes the IMF or junk mail folders in Outlook will snare emails. It all depends on how your server is set up.

Give it a try and see if it works for you. Good luck!


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