how do i stop unknown applications from accessing the internet?

By A N D ·
whenever i connect to the net, my pc starts downloading something from the net. as far as i know, windows xp auto updates are set to manual and my avg antivirus is also set to manual update.
some rogue program is i believe causing the prob. but avg cant detect it! it downloads about 1-2 mbs in half an hour, which is causing a prob with my internet bills!

is there any way in which i can restrict internet access to only specific programs (only firefox in my case)? prefaribly some free and simple solution.

i do manually update windows xp & avg as much as possible.

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Windows Firewall

by Mehul Bhai In reply to how do i stop unknown app ...

Identify the programs and don't allow internet access to them.

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Change your anti virus

by Beano43 In reply to Windows Firewall

I have found that AVG givs me more grief than what its actually good for! get kaspersky or mcafee, they will tel you wen a program wants to connect and should block it till you allow it access

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Change your anti virus

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Change your anti virus

If you are going for a change in antivirus then go for Symantec/Norton or TrendMicro,
I have evaulated all and found this 2 to be the top.

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anti virus

by Beano43 In reply to Change your anti virus

never worked with trendmicro, but symantec was no good for me either hey, slipped up alot with me

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please tell me how this is done

by A N D In reply to Windows Firewall

tell me how to configure firewall to do this

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have you looked

by Sue T In reply to how do i stop unknown app ...

in task manager to see if you can spot anything running? Personally I use AVG and have for years on various computers with great results. Norton and McAfee always try to take over the computer and are real resource pigs. Also, you could try downloading and running autoruns which is a free program on Microsoft's site that will show you what programs are starting with your computer. Also, check to be sure flash, acrobat reader, java,itunes, quicktime, etc. are setup to do automatic updates. Alot of programs automatically check for updates and you have to actually turn that off on each of the programs.
Good Luck.

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use norton firewall

by technocrat25 In reply to how do i stop unknown app ...

Norton Personal Firewall has a feature that blockes applications from accessing the internet if you so desire. Obviously using said software is not an option.

So, I'm looking for a good application (preferrably free) that stops programs from accessing the internet without permission and let's it go if I say OK

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to use norton firewall

Bit of a sloppy one this time. What technocrat25 has done is to jump in without really looking, and plagiarise a question instead of the answer! :^0

Still, this is where he made his mistake:

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mabye that was to throw us off his scent

by .Martin. In reply to PLAGIARISM ALERT !!!! ... ...

answer a question with a question

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you might also try

by Sue T In reply to how do i stop unknown app ...

installing Zone Alarm, I believe they still have a free version for home users. That may tell you what is trying to access the internet.

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