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How do I Stop XP Reset to Default

By Aaron A Baker ·
There is nothing more infuriating to me that when I get the system set up and operating just the way I want and it defaults to another setting.
I have setup the menus to work as I want,set the fonts, changed the colors to suite me and then all is well. For a few days.
Then out of the blue the darned thing resets itself to and almost default setting.
I say almost because "Most " of my changes are still in evidence however the menus don't operate the way I set hem up, the views are now changed back to list or whatever and so on.
I have gone through the entire system and even created three restore points so that it might refer to them for this default setup.
Can't do it. No matter what, I get this thing will still change itself back to a so-called default setting thereby changing all my alterations and forcing me to do it all over again.
Is there any way I can prevent this from happening without stopping the Task Manager?
I would be grateful of some advice on this.
Anything might help.
Thanking you in advance

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by funkyzero In reply to How do I Stop XP Reset to ...

Forgive me if I have missed the exact nature of your problem, but in setting up workstations, there is a way. I suspect your settings are getting lost due to a profile change or your profile is set to a roaming profile (if you are on a domain). If the latter is true, my answer will be of only some value.
Firstly, you will need to login to the PC as a local users with Admin privileges so you are certain to have the authority you need to modify all of your setting appropriately. Once finished, reboot and login as local administrator. Right-click on Mt computer, select properties then the advanced tab, then the user profiles button. Select the user profile you used previously in setting up all of the options you wanted. Click the "copy to" button and browse to c:\documents and settings
default user. If you can't see it, it is hidden, you can manually type it. Out he "permitted to use" button, click it and type "everyone" in the permissions box.

**Warning: You need to remember that this will copy the profile you set up across the board, but it won't apply to already existing profiles. If you want existing profiles to use your changes, you will need to delete them after following the above steps. when that user logs in, their profile is re-created using the default user profile you just modified. I suggest always keeping a copy of the default user profile BEFORE you overwrite it just in case.
Best regards

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How do I Stop XP Reset to ...

hmm. never heard of this one. do you have xp home or pro. does the profile you use belong to the local administrators group. you on a network at work or is this your home pc. is it fully patched. can you give us an exact symptom in detail? do you have fast user switching enabled. sounds like a bug.
hm. menus and views. wonder if something is corrupting your profile. all i can think of is to mention creating a custom group policy to help you get back to where you want.
look carefully at all the advanced settings in IE properties...
sgt hasn't a clue about this one...

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by tawake In reply to How do I Stop XP Reset to ...

I am having a very similar problem, my computer is a stand alone, home use desk top with xp pro and SP 2 & 3 installed. I have the latest driver for my Nvida card. I am running dual monitors, and when ever I re start the computer it resets it's self to the default resolution. Also I have turned off the into and shutting down audios to have them reset to default again of restart.

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