How do I switch to new T1 from DSL?

By McSmack23 ·
I've been beating myself up trying to set up our new T1. The service provider has run the circuit. It runs to an Adtran firewall then to our Cisco 2600 router. I've taken the first available address given to us by the ISP, .2, and assigned it the e1/2. Both of our fastE ports are used for our LAN gateways and the current DSL runs thru e1/1. I change the default route to the new ISP gateway .1, the Adtran but can never get out to the internet. I set up a spare 2600 so I could "break" it as much as I wanted and not drop our network. There is a standard ACL for our LAN that is NAT overloaded which I couldn't possibly remove or our entire production floor would go down. However, when I remove it on the mock router and add an extended ACL for the T1 it works fine but as soon as the ACL 1 is added back in the T1 stops working again. The ISP tech said, "All you have to do is point your interface at .1 and it should work." I've done that and am also trying to use their DNS addresses as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So at a high-level

by robo_dev In reply to How do I switch to new T1 ...

It all works, except when you add your ACL into the mix?

When you say 'cannot get to the Internet', what do you mean?

Are you getting a valid pingable IP address from your router?
Can you connect to an external website via IP address?

Can you ping your ISPs DNS server?

My first guess would be that your ACL does not allow DNS communication to occur.

The other question would be if something simple like a mixup of what interface is connected to what.

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Reponse To Answer

by McSmack23 In reply to So at a high-level

Correct on your first observation. Getting to the internet I mean I can't go to say, all intranet site work. I can ping ISP's DNS server. With the ACL not allowing DNS though then how is the current DSL circuit working correctly?

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