How do I Transfer word 2003 to another computer, without the cd?

By backer5874 ·
I have a computer with Windows XP that was donated to the non-profit org that I volunteer at. It is an old computer and only has 256mb ram.
A newer computer was donated to us and I want to put Word 2003 into it, but I don't have the program available.
Can't I copy the program and transfer the registry file for it to the newer computer that has more memory?

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do I Transfer word 20 ...

In a word. Period.

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Croquet mallet.

by seanferd In reply to How do I Transfer word 20 ...

Make sure the 2 computers are touching.(Computers, not the monitors! You'd be surprised at how many people get this part wrong.) Then give the computer with Office already installed a good tap.

Seriously, no. You can't install Office without the installation disk. (Unless you have the complete Office install files stored in the first computer, which is not very likely.)

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Like that idea

by BillMlod In reply to Croquet mallet.

I might try that one next time a family member wants help transfering programs to a new computer, the look from them should be priceless.

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That has to be

by santeewelding In reply to Croquet mallet.

Right up there along with my own impudently irrelevant remarks.

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You may be able to do it

by Varseller In reply to How do I Transfer word 20 ...

if the installation files were saved to the hard drive during setup, as seanferd said. Search the entire hard drive for the MSOCache folder. If it exists, the original setup files will be in there. MSOCache may contain several subfolders so copy the entire MSOCache folder to a CD or flash drive. Search the folders for the setup.exe file. You will need the original product key for the install. If you don't know the key, Microsoft's website has a tool that will find it on the original PC.

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