How do I trouble shoot a failed RAID?

By rich1974 ·
I had a failed RAID ( I got it fixed by a Tech). I want to know how to work out which hard drive has failed? I'm running two 120GB SATA hard drive in a RAID. What tools I would need and how to diagnose it. I can't find any text on this subject

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by sventek_krishti In reply to How do I trouble shoot a ...

Download the latest diagnostic software and utilities from the manufacturer of your hard drive(s).

Most manufacturers would provide diagnostic tools to help you diagnose which disk is dead. Alternatively you should have on the raid container, on the outside of the pc i mean led's to indicate which drives are operational and which are not.

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by rich1974 In reply to Disk

Say that I that I can't use the download from the Manufacturer, as the system has crashed. The only LED I have for the hard drives is the one at the front that tells me that both hard drives are working or not in this case.
How do I test to see which one has crashed, and which one has not?
Would I be able to test the manufacturers download with a safe mode, even know one drive has crashed?

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by sventek_krishti In reply to Disk


Lot's of existing diagnostic tools that i've used on raid boxes typically run out at dos of some sorts and should indicate which drives are dead and faulty etc.

There is of course SpinRite from www.grc.com but i dont know whether this works on RAID systems, you burn the image onto a CD and boot from that.

Whether the system has crashed or not you should still be able to obtain diagnostic tools from the manufacturer.


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Depending on the type of RAID

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do I trouble shoot a ...

If it's a Hardware or software if it's a hardware there is always the CTRL A key combination to press to get into the RAID system and fault find.
It really would help here to know what it is that you have in the way of hardware as there are way too many options to list all of the possibilities and even if we listed the more common ones they may prove confusing because they don't apply to that particular system.


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Thanks guys

by rich1974 In reply to Depending on the type of ...

I had Two Seagate barracuda drives. The tech put in a Western Digital drive to replace my failed Seagate. So now I have one Seagate and WD drive
The Western Digital diagnostic tool runs on Windows, But the Seagate runs on Dos.

Thanks for that guys. That really helped

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