How do I troubleshoot long Windows 7 shutdown time?

By Sunny Puddle ·
I am using Win7 64-bit and would like to shorten the shutdown time which averages just under 2 minutes. I think it is the result of hanging applications but I can not find a log showing shutdown-related events. What I am looking for is a log showing each portion of the shutdown process OR exception events showing problems occurring during the process.

I have tried closing all apps in the systray before initiating shutdown and that did not seem to make a difference.
I have looked in perfmon and event viewer and unable to locate the desired information. The regular Application Event Viewer is not showing any crashing or hanging apps. Could it be non-application related process such as saving a profile, closing ports or connections?

I would appreciate any ideas or thoughts you might have. Thanks!

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Do you see where it is hanging?

by seanferd In reply to How do I troubleshoot lon ...

E.g., does it say "Saving your personal settings" for a long time, or what?

Is the paging file set to clear at shutdown? That would do it.

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Paging file setting in registry did the trick

by Sunny Puddle In reply to How do I troubleshoot lon ...

After much experimentation and many reboots, changing the setting in the registry to NOT clear the paging file at shutdown did the trick. Now the computer is off in less than 30 seconds from the desktop to powered-off state! Nice!

I found the registry setting here:
path is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\ClearPageFileAtShutdown - set this to 0

I don't know where the setting is to be accessed in Windows except for the registry - The Advanced System properties from Control Panel will get you to the Paging File settings but does not include this "clear at shutdown" option.

Re: logging shutdown events - I really did not find a satisfactory answer - there are peformance monitor logs you can set but this did not produce useful results.

Thanks for the tip. seanferd! This is a very useful and rewarding tip!

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