How do I troubleshoot or fix transaction logs created every minute?

By mcocmg ·
I have Exchange Server 2003 and I noticed that Outlook 2003 was running extremely slow.

Checked server. It, too, was running slow.

Checked MDBDATA folder. Noticed that a transaction log was being created every minute causing low disk space rapidly.

Read that selecting Circular Logging would help clear the logs, and it did, but the next day the server and Outlook starting running slow again.

FYI: In testing all possiblities, I stopped the Default Website in IIS and the transaction logs did not populate every minute.

If anyone could offer direction or help me figure out what else I could check and/or do to fix this issue I'd greatly appreciate it.


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I would doubt that logging is the problem

by robo_dev In reply to How do I troubleshoot or ...

For starters, what is the processor utilization? Run performance monitor on the box and look at the memory, processor and disk subsystem.

Here are some Microsoft KBs and Forum posts on Exchange running slow:

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to clear up low disc space [no virtual memory space]

by CG IT In reply to I would doubt that loggin ...

you have to backup Exchange with an Exchange aware backup program [NTbackup is an Exchange aware program].

This then "plays" [purges] the Exchange transaction logs folder of transaction logs and frees up disc space. You can use circular logging to stop Exchange from eating up disc space, thus cause low disc space errors resulting in slow server performance [no virtual memory available] but then your backups are only as good as what's in the transaction logs at the time of the backup [which might not be much].

Regular, frequent, full or incremental backups of Exchange with an Exchange aware backup program will keep disc space from dwindling down to nothing, thus causing the server to have no virtual memory which decreases performance [substantially in most cases].

You could manually delete the transaction logs but you have to be very careful or your'll mess up exchange.

see this MS KB article:

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by mcocmg In reply to How do I troubleshoot or ...

Thanks Robo and CG for your replies! The culprit, in our case, that caused voluminous Exchange Transaction logs to be created every minute was done so by an ActiveSync device.

When checking the ActiveSync logs (C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1\) we found 1 of our users listed throughout the entire log(s). The user has a Droid (Froyo 2.2) setup to access Email, Contacts and Calendar. When checking the phone we noticed that the Calendar was stuck in a loop trying to sync. The syncing attempt never timed out. When we finally disabled the syncing of the Calendar and checked the Exchange transaction logs they immediately stopped generating every minute. We're still perplexed and are still testing how the device and communication between it and the server could cause this. Will keep you posted.

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Interesting problem.

by CG IT In reply to ActiveSync...?!

I've not had anyone have a problem syncing [even with a crackberry] that causes a transaction log to be written to the transaction data folder every minute

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