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How do I type the = (equal sign) on my HTC Incredible

By RichTrawinski ·
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Hello TechRepublic,
I am loosing my mind!!! i do not see an = (equal sign) on the letter keyboard, numbers keyboard nor when i hit the (up arrow) capitalization (or alternate) key. Am I over looking something or did they actually forget to include the = (equal sign) on the HTC Incredible??!!

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by santeewelding In reply to How do I type the = (equa ...

I have thought and thought and thought about this. I conclude that you can't type the equal sign if, in fact, there is no equal sign.

Reminds of years ago when Texas Instruments produced a run of scientific calculators that did everything right, except they returned a reverse value for the sine of 90 degrees. They sold cheap. You were okay as long as you remembered that.

Just stay away from equality. Spell it out, like I just did.

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There is a equals sign on the Incredible

by jimbec59 In reply to Rich

It you click the numbers key to the right of the spacebar, the click the '1/2' key on the left of the spacebarm the equals key is in the middle of the top row.

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by tedbeari In reply to Rich

You need to type an "=" sign on occasion, for example in some URL's... spelling it out is not always an option!
Thank you Santeewelding!!! (I had the same question)

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