How do I unencrypt an MP3 Player that I encrypted by mistake with Point Sec

By Johannah11 ·
I inadvertently encrypted my son's MP3 player (non-Ipod) with Point Sec while downloading some music with my laptop. The music seemed to download okay, but we can't access it when we try to listen to the MP3 player. I would either like to figure out how to access music on the encrypted MP3 player (other than connecting it to a computer) or delete the Point Sec encryption. Is either possible? Thanks

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by Michael Jay In reply to You can try this out....

Sweet, well said with a minimum of words.

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by robo_dev In reply to How do I unencrypt an MP3 ...

Unless the Pointsec app has specific support for your MP3 player, you cannot play encrypted content. In other words, no. Also, you cannot really delete the encryption.

In effect, the process is you need to 'recover' the files on the device, which means decrypting and copying them all off the device, then disable pointsec for the device (or use another computer) and copy the music back onto the device.

If the removable device is setup by the Pointsec policy to be encrpyted, you cannot change that, unless you have admin rights to the program. Also, you cannot simply 'remove the encryption', you need to decrypt/recover the data.

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