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how do I uninstall a win98 update

By dana803 ·
I had a shared internet connection working between 2 win98 computers. Then, I ran windows update on the "client" computer. The internet connection share has not worked since then. I've redone all the settings, uninstalled, reinstalled components, etc, to get the internet connection share working, but nothing's happening. I know which 7 updates were installed on that last windows update session. How can I go about uninstalling any of those last updates to see if the internet connection share will work again? The computer does not have its own internet connection, so I can't run windows update again. The computer is a Compaq ipaq, so it has a CD-rom drive but no floppy and no ability to hook up a modem without buying one and signing up for a dialup isp. The host computer in this pair of computers uses an internal dsl modem. The internet works fine on that computer. HELP!

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by TheChas In reply to how do I uninstall a win9 ...

Some updates will appear on the add / remove programs list, and allow you to remove them.

Others, are designed to not be removed.

What you have to do for the updates that do not have a remove option, is to identify the registry keys and system files that were changed, extract the old files from the Windows CD, and replace them from a DOS boot.

Have you verified that your network connection still works?

Can each computer see the other computer over the network?


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by dana803 In reply to

Yes to both your questions. I reinstalled Windows 98 and the ICS is working again now, too.

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by RCOM In reply to how do I uninstall a win9 ...

The client pc may have a corrupt winsock. Uninstall all networking components and start over. From network properties select everything and delete them. Just in case make sure to have the network card drivers. Go to add remove programs and select windows setup and uninstall all communications drivers as well.

When you re-install everything you should get a new winsock. Then run the ICS disk you made from the server and install that again.

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by dana803 In reply to

Reinstalling windows 98 fixed it. Didn't even have to configure anything after doing it either. Wow.

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by dana803 In reply to how do I uninstall a win9 ...

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