How do I uninstall MySQL completely

By ITMina ·
I installed MySQL long ago on my pc but never did anything with it and now I don't know the original password. I'd like to start from scratch by uninstalling and starting over, however, when I re-install it wants me to provide my original root password. Is there a way to uninstall completely without it being remembered in some way on the reinstall? I should have worded my last question this way. I hope this question doesn't get blocked also.

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by seanferd In reply to How do I uninstall MySQL ...

How so? Was it an "I want to break a password" question? That'll do it.

Well, first you are going to have to tell us what OS and version you are using there, or we can't even begin to guess.

For future reference, re-installing an app is never going to change your user data - settings and such, including passwords. Applications and your user data are separate things.

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by ITMina In reply to Blocked?

My need to resolve the problem blinded me to the fact that asking for password help on a forum is ridiculous :) (I'm new to forums.)

My OS is server 2003 and MySQL version is 5.1.

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