How do I update drivers for motherboard?

By just4theheart_50 ·
I have a dell inspiron 530s -bought new motherboard G33m02and still same problem. Computer on high but no light on monitor and no video so I can not see to go into bios or start up. I have removed battery for several hours. reset cmos and still no video. This is second motherboard. A tech told me that motherboard needed replacing so bought new one. Please help....

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I think you'll find it's not the M'Board here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I update drivers f ...

As the fan is running but you are not getting any Video I would first suspect the Power Supply being the culprit here.

Many people think that because the Fan runs there is power present and that the computer should work.

This is incorrect as all computer power supplies provide 3, 5 and 12 V DC the Fan uses the 12 V DC and having the fan run only shows that there is some voltage present on the 12 V Rail.

If no LED's on the case light up that shows that the 3 Volt Rail is not present which isn't all that common but it can occasionally happen. The 5 V Rail provides power to the Logic Circuits as well as the Drives Logic Circuits.

So you not only need all 3 Rails to be working but they also need to produce the correct current. I've seen numerous examples of PS's providing power on every Voltage Rail but way down on the current so the PS's pass Power Tests but can not run a computer.

As the Power Supply is connected tot he Electric Mains it is subject to all of the Spikes and other Hash that comes over them and this is what most often destroys Power Supplies. So that is always the first place to start.

The other thing with these systems is if you have changed the M'Board to a different one it's possible that the M'Board is incorrectly mounted in the case and is shorting out on a stand off.

I have also seen cases where these 775 Intel CPU's are not inserted into the socket correctly. There are 2 slots in the CPU which are supposed to line up with 2 Lugs in the Socket to be correctly fitted. If the CPU is not mounted correctly the Pins in the Socket are not making contact with the CPU so it's not working.


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My brain is like that

by santeewelding In reply to I think you'll find it's ...

Has to POST regularly. When that fails, the HAL unit serves to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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I would watch that HAL Unit very carefully

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My brain is like that

I've been told that it likes to open Air Lock Doors just to see the expressions of the faces of the people sucked out.

Davette so far is the only survivor as I understand things as I've been told that the HAL 9000 Unit is curious about the expression on her face as she disappears out the Air Lock Door so it sends out a Pod to bring her Unconscious Body back in so it can see her sucked out again and again. :^0


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no light on monitor

by seanferd In reply to How do I update drivers f ...

Is the monitor plugged in and switched on? No indicator light on the monitor at all looks like no power to the monitor.

(And don't tell me the monitor is plugged into a receptacle on the back of the computer. Don't use those. I don't know why they put them there.)

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receptacle on the back of the computer . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to no light on monitor

I haven't seen those on anything but an XT/AT PSU
ATX PSUs don't normally have one, and as of yet I haven't found one

most likely because the XT/AT PSU passed the power directly out from the input mains as the switch directly interrupted the mains

not so on ATX
ATX PSU switches via the MB and the internal guts of the PSU control the mains

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