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how do i use 2 different connections?

By jsusulin ·
my office has a wifi connection (through an ADSL from a local ISP) and a LAN connection (has internet but with corporate firewall that blocks chat websites). i would like to utilize both connections at the same time, like making the web browsers and IMs run to the wifi connection and the other applications to run on the LAN and not interfere with the connectivity to the network drives. please advice

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by TheChas In reply to how do i use 2 different ...

You DON'T want to do this! And, your IT department should take your PC away and string you up if you do!


If you make this connection, you create a bridge between the Internet and the office LAN that would NOT be protected by the corporate firewall.

This would be a major security breach for the company network and can result in serious damage to the company.

There are also legal issues involved with using chat and other open forms of communication on company equipment even on breaks or after hours.

If you have some "need" for chat access at work when on your own time, get permission to bring in your own personal laptop with a wifi adapter.

Perform only work related tasks on the company PC, and do your personal tasks on your own PC.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to how do i use 2 different ...

You can do this, BUT how you can see on Chas?s answer it?s VERY DANGEROUS!
This solution is an open door between corporate LAN and Internet.

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by j.lupo In reply to how do i use 2 different ...

Like the others said, this is a not good idea. You might even get fired if you do it. I know my company won't even allow wifi for our home remote access. Our computers are locked down, we don't even get Admin rights to them and that includes the developers and operations people.

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This is a serious concern...

by colonelgork In reply to how do i use 2 different ...

I have need of the same information, but not because I want to run unauthorized programs on my company's network. A friend of mine set up my computer to use my wifi connection for internet browsing (Avant Browser only) and to use the land-line network connection for everything else. The result of this is that I can't get online with anything but Avant if I don't have a hard connection. And unfortunately, the guy who set this up for me has since gone AWOL from the navy and dissappeared. Nobody else I know has any idea how he did this.

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