How do I use a database I've created to populate 255 Word scorecards?

By tommytootall ·
We do studies rating states on transparency. We've rated all the states, and it's in our nifty Access database which we just created. We could save hours if we didn't have to make 255 separate scorecards and fill them in by hand. Eventually, these will be PDF's, but I think it makes sense to keep them in Word if we need to make minor changes.

How can we use word or Access to spit out 255 Word documents automatically? Is there an easy way to do footnotes?

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are the scorecards

by PurpleSkys In reply to How do I use a database I ...

supposed to be a certain size or do you just plan to print them out on paper?

You could create a report or a form within Access and then print it out so many per page?

See here >>

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Form Letter - Mail Merge

by oldbaritone In reply to How do I use a database I ...

Depending on the way the data is organized, you should be able to create a scorecard template in Word using the database as a mailmerge data source.

I did the same to print admission tickets to an auditorium for a school play. I created a database of seat numbers and price for the seat, and printed them on business cards.

Footnotes and whatever you need are easy in Word. If you want to be fancy, you can use the MailMerge function in Publisher instead.

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Why not put footnotes in the db, as well?

by TobiF In reply to Form Letter - Mail Merge

If you put the footnotes in the database, then you'll be able to shoot out updates quicker in the future. (It this is not just for one time.)

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